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Good Link building services are always lead by a creative and expert content marketer like me. I personally help businesses to gain more reach and find an opportunity to get links in order to increase ROI. I ensure that high-quality links are built as a result of my outstanding Link building strategies and quality campaigns. With the help of my professional approach and Link building expertise getting people to talk about your brand is my goal.

Link Building Services

Quality Link Building Services

Bring More Organic Traffic

Nowadays, Google is using more than 100 signals for identifying the quality of any site, according to their consideration backlinks are still the critical ones to maximize your site visibility in SERP’s.

Take my link building services, So I can create a unique link-building strategy for your business to gain quality links. I believe a successful Off-Page SEO campaign requires strong relationships that I personally have, that helps you to increase your referral traffic and rankings.

How can I help you?

My Link Building Approach

For competitive keywords, you can’t rank your site with just on-page optimization. If you want to compete in a competitive market you need a solid link building plan that I can provide you with my link building services.

At the initial stage, I identify your key audience, define the objectives that you want to achieve with link building, and find influencers in your target market. After the initial phase, I’ll develop a unique link building strategy to attract target audience using outreach, PR, and content.

This results in:

Increased Domain Authority
Increased organic ranking
High ROI Turnover
Link Building Services


Get Your Free Backlinks Audit

By acquiring the relevant links for your site

I will increase your Search Engine Rankings

“In the History of SEO, there was a short period when people use to build hundreds of spammy links to score the top position on search engines. Those days are gone, now you have to come up with bespoken strategy to build quality links in order to compete in competitive market.”

– Shahid Maqbool (CEO & Founder of Authoirty Wave)

Link Audits

I personally suggest you to assess my existing link building profile, before you will hire me as a link building expert. From my previous work, I often discover spammy links that people generate using black hat SEO techniques. So, I’ll prefer link audit before starting the link building campaign.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of every marketing campaign. I have created several compelling contents with unique user engagement techniques. I can also provide you a creative team of writers, developers who can manage to create the entire content marketing plan.

Digital PR

I have expert-level knowledge of digital PR, that helps you to improve your online presence via building good relationships and gaining high media coverage, this will help you retain your brand's trust.


My outreaching strategy works alongside with PR team to develop good relations with influencers to build a network for valuable campaigns. I admit the power and value of highly focused personal communication, that is compulsory for a perfect outreaching plan.

I love to create compelling content that invokes emotion by engaging your audience and makes it easy for you to connect with. I have great assets when it comes to people having expertise in various sectors like content writing, creative & technical writing & graphics designing.


I creatively work in collaboration with expert designers, writers, and developers in order to deliver a stunning outcome in terms of creating extraordinary graphics, designs, gifs and charts that can be shared across different platforms.

Interactive Content

I believe a content that goes beyond the boundary of excellence attracts people, either your content includes games or quizzes it should be interactive and well acknowledged. I offer Interactive content that always stands out and attract more readers to follow until the end.


I have massive experience in terms of producing compelling content from which readers can relate. I’ve created several eye-catching contents that make them the most shared ones. So, Get in touch with me to know more about Link Baiting.

Social Media Promotion

Search engines are still learning how to integrate social signals in their ranking algorithms. Promoting your brand through social platforms are now becoming essential because social signals are now part of Google ranking factors.

Link Building Service

Boost Your Organic Rankings Upto 300%

Unlike Paid traffic, Organic traffic can’t be bought. But it can be earned using solid SEO — and I'll earn it for you.

Off Page SEO

Key building block of my link building services

Link Building is crucial, So when businesses outsource it to me, I make sure that every single phase is taken effectively and efficiently in order to deliver outstanding results. The key steps to initiate in link building are:

  • Link building strategy
  • Link building plan
  • Experienced link building resources.
  • Eyes on Google Guidelines
  • Website Tracking and Reporting
Off Page SEO
Link Building Services

Off-Page SEO Expert

Comprehensive Link Building Services Worldwide

Shahid Maqbool is offering comprehensive link building services to gain higher page rankings on the search engines. His link building strategies ensure that all the backlinks are most relevant and gained from the valid source to abide the link building guidelines of search engines.


I am a passionate link builder and I have been doing this for 10 years helping outstanding companies to achieve their Goals.


Unlike others, I offer completely transparent data with monthly reports maintained in excel sheets. I’ll be providing detailed summary regarding each and every link placed and in case of any queries you can reach out to me via mail, skype or personal phone calls. You’ll get a rapid response from me by maintaining the trust.

I aim at increasing your website worth by gaining higher search rankings and boosting traffic of your website. If you have any doubts please feel free to get in touch with me right away.


Note: If you interested in my link building services please contact today!

No Outsourcing

Have you ever felt disappointed by the link building techniques used by an expert hired from across the country? This is because the link building strategies used aren’t effective as they provide irrelevant links having low DA & PA. It’s like squandering your cash for nothing, increasing your spam score and eventually cutting out your organic traffic as well. Avail my services as a certified SEO expert in Dubai.


Note: If you interested in my link building services please contact today!

Better Relationship in Link Building

It’s the harsh reality that most SEO agencies use PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) in order to offer you a link, no doubt your site will gain links within short-term but the thing is your site violates the Google’s policy. So, if you want to build a better and long-lasting relationship with google you need high-quality backlinks from trusty sites. These are the links that put values to your site if you want to rank high in SERPs.

Don’t just reach out to those agencies that are offering you low-quality links and put your site at stake. These short term tactics might help you for instance but they won’t assist you in the long term. I’ll offer you high-quality backlinks, if you allow me to do it for your business.


Note: If you interested in my link building services please contact today!

Relevant Backlinks

Most agencies initiate their SEO campaigns with a short term links approach via getting links from an irrelevant niche site to make an impact but in reality, this won’t work! if you want to gain high trust from search engines you have to get links from relevant sites.

It’s a proven fact that links that are taken from relative site share more authority in contrast with a link taken from the irrelevant site. Google says that all the links that directs on your blog should be relevant to your content otherwise you’ll lose rankings or in the worst case, you might get penalized.


Note: If you interested in my link building services please contact today!

Link Building Services


Link Building Services

Influencer Relationships

Link Building Services


Link Building Services


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