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Are you in need of an SEO Expert in Dubai? I am an experienced SEO consultant who can help you to improve your website's ranking in the search engines and increase your visibility online.
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How to outrank your competitors?

Effective SEO Strategy That Works

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The identification process involves SEO audit, keyword research, market study, planning, and competitor analysis.

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On-Page SEO involves optimizing content, page speed, meta tags, and other elements on your site’s pages.

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Off-Page SEO involves activities that drive awareness and referral traffic to your site from other sites.

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    Why your business needs my SEO services? For growing businesses and startups, an online specialist can develop an optimistic marketing plan to help them grow and increase their ROI. I’m #1 SEO Expert in Dubai working with big brands like Acer, Emirates, Dnata, Cleveland Clinic, Zoom Property, Starbucks, Nord VPN,, and many more

    I'm trusted by small & big businesses in UAE

    As a business owner, one needs to look for a reliable SEO Dubai Consultant that helps you to improve Website Rankings on Google because now people are looking for the products or services they want to buy online via Search engines.

    I’m a well-known #1 SEO specialist in Dubai, I help businesses boost their rankings on Google by improvising better marketing tactics. I’m committed to delivering cost-effective solutions to the most exciting brands in Dubai.

    Award Winner SEO Expert in Dubai
    SEO in Dubai

    SEO Consultancy in Dubai

    Delivering an Effective SEO Solution

    If you are planning to start online marketing for gaining a potential client base and your focus is to double revenue stream, you can’t just ignore SEO in Dubai. As an SEO Expert in Dubai, I know it’s not that easy for you to rank for every keyword on Google. So, I help businesses to improve their marketing strategy by offering these services.

    Search Engine Optimization

    I provide a unique touch to search engine optimization, that depicts the holistic overview of what we offer to meet the business needs. I Specifically target two main dimensions of SEO, On-Page & Off-Page.

    Google Penalty Recovery

    These days many SEO experts are pushing off the limit by using black hat SEO techniques, this results in a violation of Google guidelines. I closely observe Google Updates to keep your site safe from penalty.

    Technical SEO Audit

    Analyzing technical factors is a complex job to do that needs expert-level knowledge. If you are upset on how to do it the right way? Worried by Google Algo Updates? Then Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

    Link Building

    A Good Link building campaign is always lead by a creative and expert content marketer like me. I personally help businesses to gain more reach and find an opportunity to get links in order to increase ROI.

    Digital PR

    I have expert-level knowledge of digital PR, that helps you to improve your online presence via building good relationships and gaining high media coverage, this will help you retain your brand's trust.

    Content Marketing

    As a marketing expert, I ensure that the target audience is reached via creative and unique content that promotes your business as a brand. This way people talk about your brand and share trust amongst others.

    SEO Dubai

    SEO Specialist in Dubai

    Learn Everything about SEO and it's utility in Business

    SEO plays a crucial role in the growth of your business if you want to know how? As an SEO Consultant in Dubai, start your new venture with me and boost your search engine rankings to increase your ROI. I can achieve good rankings using these powerful SEO techniques.

    Website Analysis

    Keyword Research

    Off-Page SEO

    On Page Optimization

    SEO in Dubai
    Boost Your Rankings Upto 300%
    I aim for substantial ROI strategy to get more leads and top SERP rankings for your business.
    SEO specialist in Dubai

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    Shahid Maqbool is leading SEO Expert in Dubai, Offering a cost-effective solution for small, medium and large size businesses for the last 10 years to improve their website rankings.


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      SEO Specialist in Dubai

      What sets our SEO services apart from any other provider in Dubai?

      Unlike other businesses simply looking to misguide the client by bringing in paid traffic, our SEO experts in Dubai ensure that the traffic is completely organic. This traffic would lead to a higher conversion rate and ultimately, higher revenues for your business.

      We commit to providing SEO services in Dubai that are one step ahead of the competitors, to be able to do so, we keenly monitor the guidelines provided by Google, making sure that our client’s website is being modified accordingly, staying ahead of the competition at all times.

      Our distinct features include:

      • More than 10 years of extensive experience
      • A proven track record of client satisfaction
      • Unique SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition
      • Guaranteed Results
      SEO Company in Dubai
      SEO Agency in Dubai

      SEO Expert in Dubai

      Devising an all-inclusive SEO strategy across UAE

      Shahid Maqbool offers you service, the likes of which is hard to find. More often than not, the search to find the right person for SEO is a hectic and monotonous task. Well, your search ends here. From Link Auditing to crafting an outreach strategy, the passion and drive to satisfy the clients keep Shahid going.


      Understanding that every successful collaboration is based upon trust and mutual understanding, Shahid likes to keep the whole process as transparent as possible. Be it the provision of details results regularly or keeping the client up to date with the ongoing work and process, the SEO expert does everything to ensure transparency. If you’re not in Dubai, don’t worry. The services are provided in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain as well.


      Note: If you interested in my SEO Abu Dhabi services please contact today!

      Strong Commitment to excellence

      Have you ever felt like Dubai SEO Companies overcharged you or the SEO was only effective as long as you were paying the company? Well, paid traffic is the most common reason for this problem, which is often temporary and the conversion rate remains unchanged despite the enormous increase in traffic. With Shahid Maqbool’s services, the aim isn’t to improve the numbers using paid adverts, but to help the businesses of our clients boost their ROI, for which we focus entirely on organic traffic.

      No Outsourcing

      Most SEO agencies in Dubai outsource their work to Freelancers from third world countries and exploit them by paying them ten folds less than what you pay. These SEO freelancers are inexperienced in providing premium quality work that would stand out. We have a team of extremely professional individuals, who are highly skilled and exceptional experiences in their respective areas. Hence, the work that we provide truly satisfied with the clients’ requirements.


      Note: If you interested in my SEO services in Dubai please contact today!

      Up-to-date knowledge

      In the words of Jeff Bezos: “Treat Google like a mountain. You can climb the mountain, but you cannot move it.” Understanding the importance of a strong relationship with Google, Shahid’s SEO strategies are friendly with Google algorithms. All thanks to his commitment to constantly evolving and learning, he keeps himself updated regarding the changes in the industry, Shahid lets your firm lead the competition with up to date information and latest marketing trends. With techniques and strategies that are not being used by any other company, your firm becomes the market leader.


      Note: I provide the best SEO consultancy in Dubai contact today!

      Attention to detail

      Being a bit of a perfectionist himself, Shahid Maqbool pays keen attention to detail, always making sure that the work delivered is 100% of that which he promised. There hasn’t been a single time where Maqbool’s SEO failed to do wonder.


      Note: I provide the best SEO consultancy in Dubai, UAE contact today!

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      SEO Under Line Abu Dhabi

      Influencer Relationships

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      SEO Under Line Abu Dhabi


      What Our Clients Say

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Shahid Maqbool actually the best person for SEO in Dubai?

      Well, let’s hear his clients check the testimonial section.

      How much time does it takes for the complete SEO of a website?

      This depends on a number of factors and varies from one website to the other.

      What are the States in which Shahid provides his SEO services, other than Dubai?

      Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain as well.

      Does the SEO Company provide SEO consulting services?

      Being the single most well-known SEO expert in Dubai, we do provide SEO consultancy and carry out strategies keeping in mind the current position of your website.

      How is SEO different in 2020?

      As Google updated a list of algorithms earlier this year, SEO has become more important than ever as long term authority and trust have become metrics of ranking.