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With a potential business of more than billions of dollars, the internet is the new marketplace. It has evidently replaced the typical method of buying and selling. As important as branding and marketing were for business, SEO is the key to any internet-based setup. Search Engine Optimization allows businesses to take the edge. We step in to assist the business in innovating and evolving with the changing trends. Our services are as strong and solid as the forts of Umm Al Quwain, making us the best SEO Company in the state.

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Using the tried and tested SEO strategies, we help your company be more visible to search engines. With content that is optimized for search engines, keywords that are well-researched and solid backlinks, our SEO will ensure that it’s friendly with the Google algorithms. Being on the first page of Google will make your company more vibrant, letting your voice be heard.

Each person in our team plays as a single unit, fitting together perfectly like a puzzle. This diverse group of talented individuals joins hands to provide the best SEO services in Umm Al Quwain. Our aim is to help the start-ups and local companies in Umm Al Quwain to find a digital identity.

Acknowledging the rapid changes in the search engine algorithms that can potentially affect your search rankings, we adapt consistently according to the changing trends. We’re focused on providing SEO in Umm Al Quwain, the likes of which are nowhere to be found in the whole UAE.

The Top SEO Company in UMM Al Quwain

Results that speaks for itself

There are thousands of so-called SEO experts in UAE, but their very few who put their money where their mouth is. Claiming to be an authority when it comes to SEO is easier than actually providing results.

We live by a simple motto that instead of simply claiming a hundred things, we let our results speak. Our track record of satisfying 100% of our clients makes us unique in this aspect. We strive to achieve results that most SEO companies can only dream about.

If you’ve been looking for an SEO company in Umm Al Quwain that you can truly rely on, your search ends here. We provide a money-back guarantee in case we fail to deliver, which proves our commitment towards the work.

As the best SEO Company in Umm al Quwain, we commit to the following results:

Boosting Website Traffic
Generate more revenue
Rising ROI


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    #1 SEO Expert in Umm Al Quwain

    I will increase your Search Engine Rankings

    Instead of making too many promised, Shahid Maqbool has made just this one promise: to provide such a quality of service that no firm can even think about competing against, Living by this very promise has made this company the go-to firm for SEO in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain.

    Search Engine Optimization

    I provide a unique touch to search engine optimization, that depicts the holistic overview of what we offer to meet the business needs. I Specifically target two main dimensions of SEO, On-Page & Off-Page.

    Google Penalty Recovery

    These days many SEO experts are pushing off the limit by using black hat SEO techniques, this results in a violation of Google guidelines. I closely observe Google Updates to keep your site safe from penalty.

    Technical SEO Audit

    Analyzing technical factors is a complex job to do that needs expert-level knowledge. If you are upset on how to do it the right way? Worried by Google Algo Updates? Then Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

    Link Building

    A Good Link building campaign is always lead by a creative and expert content marketer like me. I personally help businesses to gain more reach and find an opportunity to get links in order to increase ROI.

    Digital PR

    I have expert-level knowledge of digital PR, that helps you to improve your online presence via building good relationships and gaining high media coverage, this will help you retain your brand's trust.

    Content Marketing

    As a marketing expert, I ensure that the target audience is reached via creative and unique content that promotes your business as a brand. This way people talk about your brand and share trust amongst others.


    I creatively work in collaboration with expert designers, writers, and developers in order to deliver a stunning outcome in terms of creating extraordinary graphics, designs, gifs and charts that can be shared across different platforms.

    Social Media Promotion

    Search engines are still learning how to integrate social signals in their ranking algorithms. Promoting your brand through social platforms are now becoming essential because social signals are now part of Google ranking factors.

    Link Audits

    I personally suggest you to assess my existing link building profile, before you will hire me as a link building expert. From my previous work, I often discover spammy links that people generate using black hat SEO techniques. So, I’ll prefer link audit before starting the link building campaign.

    Link Building Service

    Boost Your Organic Rankings Upto 300%

    Unlike Paid traffic, Organic traffic can’t be bought. But it can be earned using solid SEO — and I'll earn it for you.

    Off Page SEO

      Best SEO Agency in Umm Al Quwain

      Why Us?

      Instead of using inorganic means to bring traffic to your website, which only influences the ranking temporarily until Google takes an action, we’re focused on gaining website traffic that is 100% organic. This is the kind of traffic that has the potential to convert into sales in the long-run.

      We’re committed to providing Search Engine Optimization services that are actually creative and one step ahead. We religiously monitor the Google algorithm changes and work on the adaptation accordingly.

      The list of our unique features include:

      • Decade long experience
      • Results that speak volumes
      • Focus on organic means to gain traffic
      • Technical assistance
      Seo Agency in Abu Dhabi
      seo company in abu dhabi


      A unique approach to SEO

      Shahid Maqbool believes that SEO is something very similar to traditional marketing. SEO that simply focuses on ranking on Google is pointless if the clients are not intrigued by the content on your websites. With a special focus on the content as well, he is able to help clients gain life-long customers. Skip the monotonous and hectic project of finding the SEO person, send us a message right away and we’ll provide a free consultation.

      Unparalleled work ethic

      Shahid’s work ethic is appreciated not only by his associates by also by his competitors. The matchless drive to ensure 100 percent client satisfaction means that Shahid leaves no stone unturned. Shahid keeps his word, be it about the deadlines or the quality of work, you can trust Shahid without any hesitation.


      Note: If you interested in my SEO Umm Al Quwain services please contact today!

      Committed to Quality

      Instead of focusing upon simply diverting website traffic and claiming that to be SEO, Shahid ensures that the SEO tools are perfectly blended all together, making sure that the results are long-lasting. Shahid’s work quality leaves an everlasting impact leading to effective sales conversion.

      No inorganic traffic

      90% of SEO providers and agencies that provide SEO services are ultimately using tools that are not friendly with Google, using these tools lets them save a lot of time and effort. Shahid isn’t one of those people that would run away from the effort and also realizes that these shortcuts are ultimately going to harm the reputation and ranking of the business.


      Note: If you interested in my SEO services in Umm Al Quwain please contact today!


      Shahid believes that being responsive and communicating with the client throughout the project is vital for setting the right direction and for the satisfaction of the client. For this exact reason, he consistently asks for feedbacks and adjusts the work direction accordingly.


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      Focus on fulfilling commitments

      Deadlines are something that Shahid Maqbool religiously tends to follow. For this exact reason, he has earned a strong reputation in the industry for keeping his word. Commitments are something that holds a lot of value to Shahid and that is why he is focused upon delivering his best each and every time.


      Note: I provide the best SEO consultancy in Umm Al Quwain contact today!

      Link Building Services


      Link Building Services

      Influencer Relationships

      Link Building Services


      Link Building Services


      What Our Clients Say

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can I trust Shahid Maqbool for the SEO services in Umm Al Quwain?

      The feedback of the clients is one of the simplest ways to judge a digital service provider. Here are some of the feedbacks of his clients:

      What are the tools Shahid uses for SEO?

      Shahid uses a number of on-page and off-page SEO tools to ensure that there are best results.

      Does Shahid provide his SEO services in other states as well?

      Yes, Shahid’s services are the best in Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, as well as Abu Dhabi.

      How does Shahid come up with SEO keywords?

      To come up with keywords for SEO, Shahid uses a number of software and paid search engine optimization tools that allow him to find unique keywords that are able to capture specific audiences suited for your brand.

      Why is SEO important?

      To put it briefly, SEO is what breathes life into your website. Without the right SEO, your websites are almost as good as your social media platforms.